Tire Changeover Service in Horsham,PA

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Tire Changeover Services Offered at Chapman Ford Horsham

Everyone from Horsham to Doylestown knows that when it comes to having a firm grip of the road, you want to have the right tires for the job. That's why here at Chapman Ford Horsham, you're going to find that our tire center has lots of options for you and that includes tire changeover services.

Why Tire Changeover is Important

Over time, the tread on your tires wears down and you're going to need to replace them. That's because after the tread is worn, the tires aren't as safe, and aren't giving you the grip of the road, you need and it can impact vehicle safety. You'll know when you need a new set of wheels as you can bring them in for us to inspect, but also it's easy to do an inspection yourself. Just take a coin, a penny works great, and place it so the head of Lincoln is between the treads, if you can see all or nearly all the head of the coin, that means the tire tread is worn and you should get them replaced. You'll also notice that the tires will have a smoother surface which means the tread is gone.

Also something to consider is that in areas like Ambler, Warrington and Southampton, PA we see all different kinds of weather, and in the winter that means snow and ice. Giving yourself a better grip of the road can be attained if you choose you utilize and install winter tires. These give you a different type of tread that is able to grip the road so you can ride through snow on the ground, and provide more confidence.

Having this changeover when new tires are needed, or during the change in seasons for better driving and to preserve your tires you ride on in the spring and summer, is a big benefit to many, and at Chapman Ford Horsham, we're here to help.

Find the Right Tires You Need

Whether its tire type or size, we have you covered with many leading brands and can help you find the best tires for your Ford. We'll compare all-season and winter tires, and discuss the difference in tread and what works best for you. Contact us and we can get started today!