The suspension on your Ford serves as the foundation for your vehicle. Without a solid suspension, the ride you experience in your vehicle will be quite uncomfortable. As it absorbs the bumps in the road so that you don't have to, though, your suspension can become misaligned. We at Chapman Ford of Horsham believe it's important that you understand the importance of proper alignment, which is a service you can have done in our service center.

Why It Matters

Improper alignment has two major victims: your safety and your tires. A misaligned suspension affects safety because it can cause your vehicle to drift to one side or the other. This means you have to apply extra force to the steering wheel, which can cause fatigue during long drives. If you remove this force, your vehicle could quickly drift to the side of the road, resulting in an accident.

Another problem with improper alignment is that it causes your tires to suffer. As the suspension becomes misaligned, it causes the tires to become angled in one direction or the other. This means that as you're driving down the road around Doylestown or Ambler, extra friction will be applied to certain surfaces on the tire, leading to unnecessary wear and tear. If this condition persists for long enough, it could result in a tire failure, which could cause an accident.

What to Do

Fortunately, we have all the latest tools to check your vehicle for proper alignment. Our equipment can detect minute changes in your vehicle's alignment so that misalignment can be corrected before it becomes a major problem. Of course, if your vehicle has become severely misaligned due to driving through a pothole or hitting a curb in Warminster or Southampton, PA, we can correct that condition, as well.

While we check your vehicle's alignment, we will also check the condition of your tires to ensure that poor alignment hasn't worn down the tires to dangerous levels. Thus, when you get back on the road, you can enjoy the more comfortable ride, increased fuel economy, and reduced wear and tear that proper alignment provides. If it seems as though your vehicle doesn't quite drive as straight as it used to, schedule a service appointment with Chapman Ford of Horsham today.

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