Winter is in full swing here in Horsham and like many drivers around our area you are getting your vehicle ready for the cold temperatures, slippery road conditions, and heavy snow. Let the service center here at Chapman Ford of Horsham help with a number of vital services specific to ensure safe and reliable performance this winter.

Winter is a wonderful season but can also be very hard on your car. But to help you make the most out of winter there are a number of quick and easy services that will go a long way to making sure your Ford car, truck or SUV runs smoothly. The first and easiest service to have done for winter is to have your battery checked. The cold temperatures can be hard on a weak battery and there is nothing worse than having your car not start. If you need a new battery we will easily install a new one for you. A few other simple services to have done for winter is to replace your wiper blades, refill washer fluid, check your coolant, change your oil, and make sure all exterior lights are working properly.

Another winter service that many Warrington, PA drivers have done each year is to swap their summer tires out for winter tires. Summer tires are made for a stiffer rubber and have shallow grooves to provide maximum contact with the road. Winter tires, however, are made from softer rubber with deep grooves to grab the road when covered in snow. The softer rubber of winter tires handles frigid temperatures better than summer tires. While having your tires swapped over we can also check your brakes to ensure they are in good condition to safely bring your vehicle to a stop in nasty weather.

Give our service center a call today to get your Ford car, truck or SUV is for winter service asap. You can also schedule an appointment online and don't forget to check out our parts and service specials to save money on a wide variety of services.

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