If you're spending time at Chapman Ford Horsham looking for the opportunity to invest in a Ford truck, the answer is yes. Our Warminster-serving Ford showroom brings forth the newest versions of popular Ford trucks built with a brand-exclusive toughness that makes them an asset for an assortment of hauling tasks. On top of that, Chapman Ford Horsham has a long-standing reputation of promising honest service to those Pennsylvania visitors who put their trust in us to find their next truck.

To start, ask yourself, what level of strength are you going to demand from your truck? Asking this question early on is important as each truck in the Ford family features a different towing maximum. If you know the size of the equipment you plan to hook up near Doylestown safely there's a way to expedite your search by eliminating models that don't meet these demands. From the midsize Ford Ranger, full-size Ford F-150, to those stored under our Super Duty segment, there's a towing standard to fit what you expect when you bring one home to Warrington, PA.

  • Ford Ranger: Can pull a load weighing 7,500 pounds.
  • Ford F-150: Hauls a maximum of 13,200 pounds.
  • Ford F-250: Maximum trailering is 18,500 pounds.
  • Ford F-350: Supports a load of up to 32,000 pounds.
  • Ford F-450: Tows best-in-class max. 35,000 pounds.

If after seeing what truck can support what weight, you may already have an idea of which truck you'd like to take a closer look at when you come by Chapman Ford Horsham. We want to answer your questions regarding the Ford F-Series and the newest Ford Ranger. If you'd prefer to skip the part where you browse these models online, we encourage you to come straight to our Horsham showroom to start the test-driving process. We're a simple 20-minute commute for drivers in Southampton, PA, so don't keep your future Ford truck waiting. We're ready for you!

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